tisdag 13 november 2012

Left Hand Patch 001

"As our first hellish textile assault on JHVH´s creation is imminent we would like to clarify that our aim is to work directly with the people behind the bands that as opposed to the methods of numerous spineless, moneygrabbing and greedy bootleggers have done in the past. LHP stands for elegance, class and quality and will reserve themselves the right to deny sales to anyone they consider unworthy of their products.

This may seem elitist to you, and that´s because it most certainly is. We will deliver beautiful, limited merchandise, carefully and specially designed in close cooperation with the bands, to those who deserve it. You WILL respect this announcement and refrain from sending us shitloads of whining mails about you not scoring any of our products which you intended to later sell on ebay for a more than reasonable price.
Behold! Our first textile, a glorious silverlined Malign shield.

13 cm high. 66SEK (swe) / 9€ (world) incl. shipping.
Strictly Limited.
Order: lefthandpatch@live.com

All questions and orders will be dealt with in time, so you WILL respect our earlier announcement."
Så ligger landet. Mejla Lefthandpatch@live.com eller glid in på deras sida.


Situation Soundtrack: Malign - Divine Facing

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