måndag 22 oktober 2012

All Hail Conscicide Dominus Arcula 

Med anledning av att Supremacy Through Intolarance släppt en samling med alla Bhaobhan Sidhes släpp, som består av tre demos och en EP, tycker jag vore på sin plats att åter lägga upp intervjun med min gamle brevvän och tillika bandets motor Conscicide, som begick självmord 08.08.08. Intervjun gjordes 1995 om jag inte missminner mig, och jag kan inte hitta någon annan med honom på nätet, så vi kör väl upp den en gång till. Ursprungligen publicerades den samma år i mitt första fanzine, Koresh, och sedan här på SS för ett par år sedan.

Whats new on the filth front?
- Recently i discovered a new infection on my balls and the lower part of my cock. It feels great to be breeding fungus between my legs, it boosts my impure conscious and makes me undergo the transitoriness and decay i worship so bloody much personally. Besides my usual crusty unhygienic adventures, we are also preparing for the recording of our new demotape at the and of july. Bend over and recieve my impure pride as my stick penetrates your rectum in full shower-power glory. Wait and hate.

Since Bhaobhan Sidhe is not so well known here in Sweden, a brief introduction would be in place.
- Bhaobhan Sidhe rose from the infertile lands of Filth in Winter 1992 to defile a certain  area of purity: Earth! We propagate our ideas by means of dark, foul, synthetic and minimalistic sounds. Listen, feel, know.. We have unleashed a couple of items upon this utterly pathetic race, including our latest effort Corpse Crater a.k.a. Das Massengrab (Demo 1994). We consist of two lowlives: my partner in deathlike rapture, Lord Aliboron and me.

On your latest demo Corpse Crater you don´t use any vocals at all, why is that?
- Is there some fucking law that says that we need to have vocals? Our music alone should be enough to fuck up the minds of those who want to recieve the blessings of Filth... Perhaps vocals could improve the quality of our music to some people, bit it could also take away the eerie inhumantity we stand for.

You haven´t been featured in many zines have you? Why is that? Any recommendations?
- We don´t really do much to promote Bhaobhan Sidhe, especially not towards the Black Metal public and retarded trend fucks that shall never understand the essence of Impurity anyway. If people want us thay´ll just have to come looking for us... Pick up a stone and see what´s crawling under there, hiding from the horrible light, might be what you are seeking. Most zines piss me off. Especially these Neo Black Metal magazines with articles on Satanism (child stuff) are a definate turn-off. Fuck, at the moment i have nothing to recommend, besides some deceased publications like Please Get Cancer and C.O.T.I.M. etc.

I read something about that you´re gonna release a new seven inch. What´s happening with that?
- We dumped the plan to release another 7", as we feel more comfortable publishing our material on cassette format right now. Priority is to get our new demotape out in a couple of months. No further plans are made as of yet.

Have you been sending your material to any labels?
- No, I haven´t used Corpse Crater in order to get a record deal, because this is not what we are about. Still, some labels have found out about us and have shown intrest, Currently were dealing with a Polish label with which we might work together in a near future... I don´t like to expand on this matter. The fact is that we are not desperate in search for a deal, because anything a label could do for us, we could probably do better ourselves! So fuck all that business shit. One last thing: I really enjoy the boycot of Bhaobhan Sidhe by a couple of labels that found our Corpse Crater cover to be "Tasteless"! You know who you are, you slick capital puritans!

What exactly do you mean with "Misanthropic Radical Nihilism"? Tell us about your way of life.
- To put in simple terms: We belive in nothing at all, and the only thing that keep us going is our burning hatred towards mankind. My way of life is one of apathy, solitude, depression, anger, hatred, depravity, lust and low self esteem. My life doesn´t matter much to me and I feel the same about the lives. The most disgusting material that exists is the human flesh; I hate it and I want it wiped away, at any cost. It would be an honor to die in a giant nuclear holocaust along with the rest of you human fucks! False hope? Perhaps. Yes, I think we are born under the sign of our own extinction, and yes, it is near. What we are doing is trying to draw it even nearer...!

In Ornament Zine you said that you "wanted a cover that could give us a hard dick every time we look at it...". Are you guys into kids and homosexual activities?
- "No" to both questions. I get off on starvation, real death and real pain. It makes my seed spurt all over these walls. I don´t care for males, females or any regular connections between them. I´m not homophobic either. I think sex is alright as long as there are no children produced, because creating new life is the main sin against the laws of Impurity!

What is the song Gaschamber Delight about?
- About being delivered from this curse we call life. About a man that enters a gaschamber, but instead of being afraid, he looks beyond the suffering and embraces the joyfull emptiness he has subconsiously carried with him all his life: Death!

You have some really nice stuff for sale. Tell us about it.
- Besides the usual Bhaobhan Sidhe merchandise (t-shirts are available for 14 USD by the way) I also sell pornographic magazines in further support of inquity and the Impure cause. Down with the values of this puritan system! Join us or be dead, join us and be dead...

What do you do besides music?
- Smoke a fag.

Future plans?
- Smoking fags, eh?

Last words?
The enemy is within yourself. ÜNTERMENSCH ÜNT STOLZ! Impurest blessings to Pålle for this opportunity to piss off some more people! Hail!


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